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Translation.   this is addressed to 101110110101010100001001100111101010101101101011101101010010101011011101011001010101010101101010101011110001100011010111110001101111010110101100101101101110110101101110110101010111011110101000011011010111011010100110111011100101001110101001010110010101010101010101011111010101010101011101010101101101001011001101100111111010001101101011010100(A glitch in minecraft)

Herhurhuhe hu hur hurhu hur hur her h he hu huhuhu herhu hurhur hur hur hur hu huhuher he hu.

translation.   DO not tell me that the nitwit should be kicked out of the village I am tiered of hearing that.



Huhuhuhuhurhehur hu hur her her hur hur hu.

Translation.   Trade with Steve to get emeralds.







hur hur hu huR he hur

Hur hur             hur   hu hu               her hu herhu herherher                 ha     he hehuherhy ho hor hur   hehihurhurhur.

translation (title). Irongolem’s Gide to Survival

At night time go in to your houses and close the door so you are not killed by zombies.



Hur hur hur huhuhuhuhur      heher huur he huhe her hur hu hu her hur he herhur.

translation.  If you are trapped outside of your house do not fear I will protect you.