I woke up starving in the cell chamber head aching body sore only with my diary and plate with a few small  nutrition pills (only enough pills to stay alive).   and as I read my past diary posts in pain I read of my own insanity trying to remember these accounts of pain misery I can only remember tings about my life before I was attacked by them. the cell door opens and I am escorted to a rocket I have heard stories about them executing prisoners with the vacuum of space they ignite the rocket-engines and we sore up to mars orbit. diary post 3 (and probably my last)                                                                                       

The Elacodnootdin of Etoo Has Come to Kill us Sign the Treaty or we Will …

They Hold me hostage as I can not thing what happen why kill not me torch we war kill we crazy og transpart 32-246-148-2362-1-2-8:chimp. help me all in torch warst tarchir kill us they od fod on fod soon n fod starv me sta war killlklll stop nuke us they plan mars nuk su di us di hooror cant wor it os bad 25 day torch 1 meel 5 fod 10 watre .dy past #2

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My very bones shake for they come in packs haunt me to the point that i can not nooo they are comig hlp  hlp  i nd h   n o hhlp   tuhje are cm   ddadaplz   i  cnt             i no   my  mind the    dbahedhgshedf    the gren son ys te r moooooooooooooooo bha aahajshagjjdjejtss noo they teackjkhdfsa mins pz   nooo krs ,bmtgnedf i deroiewqsd why im fadeing diing goooo by :          spare her i fade and die   sory i did not   heladssdjalersdjkshadhdhjsgdhjsdggahsgfhjs mashagjshedhgas ajsahjet.
.dy past #2